Albahar Alalami Technical Services LLC was founded in 2016 in Dubai with a purpose to contribute in United Arab Emirates economy by providing economical and modern aged services to companies working on flagship projects of UAE like Dubai Solar Park.

Albahar has developed a significant identity and a loyal customer base founded on our belief on meeting our client’s needs with customised, high quality work, and value for money prices. As a result of loyal and satisfied customer base we are grown year by year marking the highest growth rate of 164% in a year. We started in Dubai now expanded our operations to Abu Dhabi and Umm al Quwain.

The most single ingredient of our success is to access the needs of our clients and customize our solution as per the needs ensuring the best value of money.


At Albahar we are proud of our progress from the day we entered into the venture. We have tried and succeeding into building a brand new company from scratch.

Albahar was founded in 2016 by its founding partner Mr. Wenfen Wang as an onshore Limited Liability company with a single mission based on idea to provide best in class services to power sector.

Take a look through this snapshot history of Albahar to see how we progressed.

Albahar came into existence


Albahar started its operation


Albahar started earning profit


Albahar got contract in Dubai Solar park worth 10 Million plus


Albhar achieved highest mark of 164% growth


Welcome to Albahar, We are a company which offers customized solutions to our clients at price which client would not have it without Albahar. Our growth rate is the depiction of our successful reputation in the region. Through efforts of our team at Albahar, we have risen from small start-up into domain of SME (SME definition as per DUBIASME100). Our staff strength grown from 1 person to 120 staff members in span of 4 years. Starting from Project of Hassayn Clean Coal Power plant, now we are serving in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Umm Al Quwain. Customer requirements serve as a food to our solutions, we implement.

Very best regards,

Wenfen Wang
CEO, Albahar